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Please note that Monday, May 15 consists of pre-convention meetings, digital service workshops, the Entertainment & Technology Law Conference, and the Industry Jam 2. The full program will take place Tuesday, May 16  through Thursday, May 18.  
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Barry Smith

VP, Business Development, Alliances & Strategy
In 1995 Barry guided the ecommerce division of TelMe.com, developing high profile trading websites, a prerequisite for which was the creation of accurate, linked metadata for millions of SKU’s from the multitude of suppliers of various industries. Lessons were learned about gathering product data, price and availability information from numerous sources, as information was collected, collated, standardised, indexed, updated and supplied. This proved invaluable when Barry led a new venture, West10 Entertainment in 2005. He initiated a ‘Babelfish’ database strategy which has seen West10 grow from scratch to become arguably Europe’s leading provider of high-quality metadata for all formats of music, movies, games and books. West10 works across the entertainment ecosystem with content owners, partners and clients as diverse as studios, labels and distributors, wholesalers, online/offline retailers, national libraries, trade associations and media companies. West10 ensures that metadata can drive consumer engagement, fulfil transactions and manage the supply chain in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It has earned its place at the forefront of metadata use, presentation and management through continuous research, innovation and quality of content, allied to flexibility of service and responsiveness towards customers and Barry has the knowledge and expertise to help companies to create innovative solutions for the physi-digital age.
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